Oprah and Friends
Cast Of Friends Says Goodbye
November 20, 2003

Transcribed by: Coffee Mug
Thanks to: friendscafe.org for the video file, and Vanessa for pointing it out to me.

Some flashback parts taken from the transcripts by Eric Aasen.

Transcribers note: At some times during this interview, everybody talks at the same time and voices in the background become inaudible. Also because of that, some dialogue might not be what is actually said, but is extrapolated by me, in a way, that I hope makes sense.

Update January 17th, 2004: Added the last couple of seconds of the show which were missing from the friendscafe.org files before.

[Central Perk: Oprah enters through the door.]

Oprah: Whoo...! (audience cheering) How cool! Woow! Whoo, I'm here! Okay... So cool! This is it. The last season. The end of an era. I'm standing on the actual set of one of the biggest television shows in history. Friends! Okay... And so, this... this is Central Perk, the famous coffee shop where every Thursday night for ten whole years we've all hung out with Rachel and Chandler, Monica and Joey, Phoebe and Ross... And today in their first farewell interview, the cast of Friends says "Goodbye". Please welcome Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and Matt Le Blanc.

(The cast enter Central Perk, and start shaking hands, hugging and kissing Oprah.)

Oprah: Wow! It's really thrilling to be here. Thrilling to see all of you guys here. What do you think the finale week is gonna be like?

Courteney: I think that Jennifer probably won't be able to breathe. Uhm, because she starts crying uhm... like that thing, she started crying the first day we got here this year.

Oprah: (to Jennifer) Did you?

Jennifer: I'm crying right now.

Oprah: You're crying right now? Who'd ever thought of it? Yeah?

Courteney: And, I think that it'll be the most emotional week that we'll probably ever go through... ever.

[Some clips from the first season are shown, and we hear Oprah as a voice-over.]

Oprah: It's hard to believe it was only ten years ago we were first introduced to Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Ross, Joey and Chandler... I met the cast back in '95, when the Friends frenzy was just starting.

[We see a clip from the March 1995 Oprah show:

Woman from the audience: I wanna know how your new found fame has changed your personal lives.

Matthew: Not at all. (starts pretend crying and holds his hand in front of his face)

Oprah: Really Jennifer, anything?

Jennifer: No, I haven't felt... I still just go to work every day... and... and... the only difference is...

Oprah: You don't feel it yet?

Jennifer: (pointing to the others) I don't get it as much as these guys, I don't know why. I haven't been bombarded by people, and I don't feel of it has changed my life that much.]

[We return to 2003, Central Perk with Oprah. Jennifer was watching her clip closely, and now she sits back again, looking at Matthew who's smiling at her.]

Oprah: (about the 1995 clip) Is that the hair that everybody had, and called it the "Rachel"?

Jennifer: Yeah, and for some reason... It's so circular... (pointing to her face, making a circle) It was circular...

Oprah: Who do you think is going to be consoling whom, when the final week comes? Who will be the biggest consoler in the group here?

Matthew: I think we'll all be really consoling each other, and Jennifer's... you know... "this is the last bagel I'm gonna eat on the second day of rehearsal..." There's a lot of that stuff, you know.

Oprah: Is it true that all the girls, all of you eat lunch together, still every day?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Oprah: Yeah. Every day for ten years?

Jennifer: Well...

Oprah: And is it true that you order the same thing every day for ten years?

Courteney: That is true.

Jennifer: Yeah...

Courteney: That is true... That salad?

Jennifer: Yeah!

Courteney: Yeah. I'm so tired of the salad, but... it's easier just to say "Oh, I'll take what she's having." It's just easier sometimes...

Oprah: And what's the salad?

Jennifer: It's a cobb salad.

Oprah: Every day the same thing?

Jennifer: Yeah. I'm a creature of habit.

Oprah: Creature of habit.

Jennifer: But you know, we change it up on Thursdays and Fridays, actually.

Courteney: Yeah, we throw some onions in it.

Jennifer: We just mix it up a little bit. (to Courteney) HEY!

Oprah: I want to ask you all this. I know I have a bunch of questions about who is... Okay? Who's gonna have the hardest time, do you think, on the final taping day? The hardest time...

Matt: Jennifer.

Oprah: Jennifer?

Lisa: No, 'cause she's getting it out now.

Jennifer: I'm gonna be still on that night. I think that Matty may have a hard time.

Matthew: The last night here will be really tough on me.

Oprah: Who is the funniest? Who is the funniest?

Courteney: Matthew Perry?

Jennifer: Matty Perry!

Matthew: Uh, well, I don't know about that...

Courteney: As far as being the funniest person, not necessarily on camera?

Oprah: Yeah, who's the funniest?

Courteney: It's definitely Matthew Perry.

Oprah: Definitely Matthew Perry, okay.

Courteney: Just all the time.

Matt: Well not on camera. Not on camera, Matt.

Courteney: I mean, without having... Just on his own, without writers or anything, he's the funniest person from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed, that I think I've ever met.

Oprah: Okay, who's the most serious?

Matt: That would be David.

Lisa: Don't look at me!

Jennifer: (pointing to David) That guy!

Oprah: David is. And who's the most emotional?

Lisa: Jennifer...

Oprah: Who's the best advice giver?

Matt: Courteney.

Jennifer: Oh Courteney... and Lisa.

Oprah: Who's the person most likely to borrow... twenty bucks?

Jennifer: Matthew. (they all laugh)

Matthew: That's a true story.

Oprah: Okay, who's the person most likely to be late?

Courteney: Me and Jennifer...

Oprah: Yeah, okay... Who's the person you would call in the middle of the night if you were thrown in jail?

Jennifer: Courteney

Lisa: Le Blanc, Courteney.

David: Le Blanc.

Matt: Don't wake me up.

Oprah: Don't wake you up? Okay, who's the biggest flirt?

Lisa: Oh wow!

Jennifer: Everybody.

Lisa: The two Matts.

Matthew: I think we stopped flirting with each other, well, you know, to the extend I was at the beginning... Because at some point, you just realise you don't have a shot... (they all laugh)

Oprah: Okay, who's the most stubborn?

Jennifer: Oh God! Schwimmer!

Oprah: Who would win first prize at a karaoke contest?

Jennifer and Lisa: Courteney!

Matthew: Definitely Courteney!

Courteney: Not because I'm good... Because I like it so much. Matthew probably win for singing.

Oprah: Okay. Who's changed the most in the past ten years? Who's changed the most that you all have noticed?

Matthew: Uhm... The camera just went to me. (they all laugh) I certainly, I suppose have had uhm... you know... well documented ups and downs in the last ten years.

Oprah: Alright David, do me a favour and describe each cast member in ways that we wouldn't know.

David: Le Blanc, I've always thought of as like blue collar, like show up every time, every day on time. He's a hundred percent. Always got your bet. He's the guy you want, like, if you get in a fight in a bar, he's the guy you want... And just in terms of...

Matt: I can kick some ass, Oprah, let me tell you.

Oprah: The bottom line, yeah.

Matt: Well, its kind of strange you know. We have these really rich, full characters to hide behind. To sit here as ourselves is really kind of nerve wrecking.

Oprah: Is it? Would Joey be having a better time?

Matt: Oh, he'd probably hit on you. (they laugh)

Oprah: Okay, continue...

David: Well, uhm... Lisa's got the most unpredictable comic timing and instincts that, I feel, constantly surprise you... and probably herself which is a real gift.

Oprah: Is that true, do you really surprise yourself sometimes?

Lisa: Uhuh, yeah.

David: She's also, well, you know, she's a knock-out. I love her hair right now. (Lisa has short hair now, which just reaches to her shoulders.)

Lisa: Thank you! (there's cheering)

David: Uhm, well Court has... most people may not know this, but she just has the most generous heart of anyone you will ever know. (to Courteney) Seriously, you are... Uhm, Matthew... hysterical... uhm, some of the best lines are off-camera, when it's... you know... there's no camera rolling. Uh, uhm, Jen... She's just... she amazes me. Also a very generous, warm, warm person. Uhm, just always puts the other person first, and I think it's a gift.

Oprah: I feel the love here. I feel the love. I do, I really do. Amongst all of you. Okay, that's fantastic.

[We see wedding photos of Lisa, Courteney and Jennifer and clips of what's to come and hear Oprah tell us:

Oprah: Later, marriage and babies. The Friends' lives off TV and coming up...

Jennifer: Oh God, get somebody else...

Oprah: It is an emotional day...

Jennifer: Oh, no I don't know if I can do it yet.

Oprah: Stay tuned.]


[Part 2 opens with the clip of Rachel and Joey kissing in Barbados]

Oprah: We're in Hollywood on the actual set of the hit show Friends. And it's the final season and all of the stars we have come to learn and love are giving their first farewell interview. I wanna ask, who do you, Jennifer, who do you most want Rachel to end up with?

Jennifer: Ah... I'll start crying...

Oprah: Come on...

Jennifer: Well, I mean God... That's a tough... Well, I think if you go back to the beginning, you know, I think everybody's had a special place for Ross and Rachel... (there's cheering)

Oprah: Hm-mmm, hm-mmm... Everybody... (to David) Are you getting a little misty over this?

David: Just when we think about the episode where they first kiss, and all the... there's so much history between... between the two...

Jennifer: So much history...

[We see a clip from 207, The One Where Ross Finds Out, where they kiss in Central Perk.]

Oprah: Do you have your favourite Friends moment?

David: I'm sure we all have moments that we love. But in the gag reel there was one thing where Le Blanc kept running in and tripping and we had to do take after take after take and we finally got it right and Matt Perry came in and tripped.

[We see that scene which was in the special with Conan O'Brien. (The One With The Stuff You've Never Seen)]

David: I mean, those are moments that not necessarily the... make it to the show...

Matt: So your favourite moment is when I fall down?

Oprah: Okay, let's go to your favourite Friends moments. We all have ours. I think the birth of Emma. (to Jennifer) How was that for you?

Jennifer: Oh, I loved that moment. That whole season, I think I loved. Uhm, as the first kiss with Ross and Rachel I loved.

Oprah: First kiss with Ross and Rachel? (David nods also) I like the way you refer to them as "Ross and Rachel".

Jennifer: Yeah, they're other people.

Oprah: Okay Courteney, favourite moment. Favourite Friends moment.

Courteney: Uhm, well I mean, the favourite one for me to play or be a part of was when I asked Chandler (pointing to Matt) to marry me.

[We see the clip from 624, The One With The Proposal, where Monica proposes to Chandler in a candlelit room:

Monica: Chandler... In all my life… I never thought I would be so lucky. (Starting to cry.) As to... fall in love with my best... my best... There's a reason why girls don't do this!]

Oprah: Matthew?

Matthew: I agree with Courteney. That scene where we decided to get married is... up there for me.

Oprah: Up there for you?

Matthew: Yeah.

Oprah: Lisa?

Lisa: For me personally my favourite was uhm, the scene with Crissie Hynde. I lo-oved that scene. That was fun.

[We see a clip from 206, The One With The Baby On The Bus, where Phoebe teaches Stephanie how to play "Smelly Cat".]

Matt: Me next?

Oprah: Yes.

Matt: I don't know if my favourite Friends moment is on camera. I would have to say maybe the huddle backstage. I think its, you know what I mean, it's stuff between the scenes for me that's really, really great. You know, these are five awesome people.

Oprah: And what do you think you're gonna miss, 'cause you're gonna go on. Joey's gonna go on. Joey's gonna have his own series, right?

Matt: Hopefully yeah.

Oprah: So, will you think... will it be as bittersweet for you, or will you already thinking about moving on, and how to create the next thing?

Matt: It feels very strange to really think about that in a, kind of a gung-ho way without closure here, you know. So I really want to enjoy the closing of this, before I really go on. Without having closure here, it doesn't feel right. It would feel like kind of betraying... It's like I feel afraid, you know, it's like... you guys are coming right? I had a funny pitch for the title, I wanted to call it "Where the hell is everybody?"

Oprah: I like that title.

Matt: It didn't fly...

Matthew: They didn't go for that one, did they?

Oprah: So, none of the characters that we've come to know through Friends are gonna like even pass through Joey or know Joey?

Matt: I would love it, yeah sure. Maybe you can help me talk them into it.

Oprah: Come by every now and then...? Okay Jen, can you tell us about each of your cast mates?

Jennifer: Oh... Hi Matty...

Matthew: Hi honey.

Jennifer: Well, what people may not know about Matthew Perry, is that he's probably one of the most sensitive people. You know, as long as well as being funny... and ingenious, he's also uhm...

Oprah: He's ingenious too?

Jennifer: And ingenious, yeah. He's very smart. He played tennis. I think you speak French.

Matthew: Un peu. (translated: a bit)

Jennifer: Oh, un peu. Uhm, and he's a... he's a really strong... you know... supportive dear friend. And uhm, Courteney, I just love you so much you just been there for me in a lot of ways, and she really is the most dependable and loyal and funny as all get out, I mean, she just cracks me up, constantly. Schimmy Schwimster is uhm... We have a lot of history. Uhm, he's uhm... he's alright. No again, really smart and helps me figure out things that I don't understand. But he's really... I can be really honest with David and speak my mind and I really appreciate you and... (she almost cries) Oh God, get somebody else.

Oprah: No, you're almost done. You're almost done. You're okay.

Jennifer: Yeah?

Oprah: You're okay.

Jennifer: Seriously?

Oprah: Yeah. Okay, no really. Okay, want to take a minute? Okay.

Matthew: What do you think of all of us Oprah?

Oprah: I like you so much, it's gonna be bittersweet. I don't know. I don't know, what is NBC gonna do? I'm thinking: okay, what are they gonna do with that timeslot. It's gonna feel a little empty.

Lisa: J-J-J-J-Joey

Matt: J-J-J-J-Joey!

Oprah: Same timespot? Same timeslot.

Matt: Hm-mmm.

Oprah: Okay.

Matt: Depending how it goes today... (crosses his fingers and holds them up)

Oprah: Okay, I appreciate that you feel this deeply about each other. I really do.

Jennifer: (very emotional) And now we [haven't] gotten to those two yet (points to Lisa and Matt)

Oprah: I know. I know. I'm waiting...

Jennifer: Oh no, I don't know if I can do it yet. Let's go on to someone else.

Oprah: Take a break. Deep breaths. Isn't this endearing?

Jennifer: It's corny.

Oprah: No, really I do, I'm very moved by it. (to Jennifer) Alright, can you finish now?

Jennifer: Yes, I can. Uhm... Dearest Lisa Kudrow, who is also one of the most talented actresses and I've learned so much from you as a comedian, unbelievable, but a dramatic actress that knocks your socks off. And just basically being one of the most loving and (looking at Courteney) with these girls what we've got, what we've gained from each other and taught each other and watched each other get married and just lived through so much and so unconditional, you know. And I... I thinks she's an amazing. I love you. (Lisa pouts her lips and kisses her through the air to the other side of the room) And Matt Le Blanc is just, you know, the best big brother. Young big brother, you are older than me. Just a little bit. You know, I feel so protected by Matty and he's... talk about somebody who can read me a mile... (to audience) I know I seem obvious, but uhm...

Matt: She's actually very happy right now. You're not crying like a ...

Jennifer: I see him staring at me giving me this look, and then he just walks over to me and he says "Come here, sit down, talk to me, what's going on?" And he just gets you to lose it... if there's something to lose... Or figures something out, and he's just amazing, and one of the most loving, dearest, loving, funny and inspiring. I love him.

Matt: Looking back at you.

Oprah: I can tell you... Can you tell right now, this is gonna be a rough week. The last week is gonna be very tough here.

[We see previews of what's to come:

Oprah's voice: Later...

Matthew: I wanna show you how romantic our bedroom is...

Oprah's voice: The cast of Friends take me on a behind-the-scenes tour...

Oprah: What do you think you guys are gonna take from the set?

Oprah's voice: and next... The true story about their multi-million dollar salary negotiations. Stay tuned.]


[Chandler and Monica's apartment. The executive producers walk in and sit down on the couch. We see some clips from season 9 pass by.]

Oprah's voice: Friends' executive producers Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane have a big job ahead of them, writing the farewell episode of Friends.

David Crane: Right now we're figuring out how the show's gonna end.

Marta Kauffman: It'll be funny

David: Yeah.

Marta: And sweet...

David: And hopefully we'll also be a little bit sad.

Kevin Bright: The three of us are just focused on bringing Friends to a satisfying ending.

Marta: What we know if we want them to be happy and okay, so that we all feel good about saying goodbye.

Oprah's voice: And when they try to tell the cast what they mean to them, words didn't come easy. (Marta uses a handkerchief to wipe her tears away)

David: We've dreamed of an opportunity like this... And to have ten years of working with people who can do anything, has been the greatest joy.

Kevin: I've learned so much from you in so many ways, we at least owe you one promise, and that will be: we will never do a reunion movie.

Marta: (emotional) It's been... the best ten years... of my life.

[We go back to Central Perk, to the cast and Oprah]

Oprah: And so when it's all done, all done, we had our last tears and your now home and it's that first week, what will you be doing?

Jennifer: Calling the Joey show.

Oprah: Calling the Joey show...

Matthew: (pretends phoning) You need a sarcastic friend?

Matt: Absolutely!

Oprah: Matthew, it's your time to tell me about all your friends.

Matthew: Oh, uhm... Matty's a great kisser.

Matt: It's true Oprah.

Matthew: Matty's the kind of guy that, you know, just has you back more than uhm... you know he's... somebody wrongs you and he's there with a baseball bat, ready to go. Not that he's a mafioso guy...

Oprah: Well he told us earlier, he can... kick ass...

Matthew: But he really is... just a to the point, essential good guy. And uhm, Lisa... I think Lisa is one of the true original comedians. Uhm, David, uhm... David is the ultimate team player. I like to say about this... You know, it's very wel publicized that, you know, we did al these silly negotiations and all this stuff together.

Oprah: Yes, we all picture you all going in, you now, as this group. (gestures zigzagging quite fast, people walking)

Matthew: Yeah, I don't know if any of us actually went like this (imitates Oprah's gesture), but uhm, at the beginning certainly, David was the guy. David got the first movie, he got the first thing. David was the guy. And he was the one who suggested that we all go in and negotiate as a team, when he could have got in and negotiated for the most...

Oprah: As the guy.

Matthew: As the guy. So he came to my dressing room and he said "I think we should all do this as a team". And I said okay, idiot. So I will never forget David for that. And Courteney who I just love and... I love Courteney (kisses her) And I've just seen Courteney in a... Courteney's life just become kind of exactly the way that Courteney's wanted her life to be, and that makes me real happy. And Jenny, you know, Jenny's a really hard worker, you know. Jenny, while being very sweet and stuff, has had some stuff in her life that she's had to address and she just... has, you know, and so right in front of all of our eyes that watched, Jen blossomed to this beautiful woman.

Jennifer: Thank you Matty.

Oprah: That's wonderful, thanks Matthew.

[The Coming Up clip, we see some clips from the episode in which Brad Pitt starred, 809 The One With The Rumor:

Oprah's voice: Coming up, Brad Pitt guest stars on Friends. Why was Jennifer so nervous? The inside story, next...]


[Clip: we see a clip from 809, The One With The Rumor:

Rachel: Can we please keep the chicken and the turkey and everything on the other side of the table? The smell is just yuck!

Will: (sneeze talks) Typical.

Rachel: I'm sorry. What?

Will: I said it was typical. Typical of you, Rachel Green, Queen Rachel does whatever she wants in little Rachel land. (Does a fake hair flip.) ]

Oprah: When Brad was on, was that hard for you?

Jennifer: Uhm, yes! Not in a way of like, oh God, this is hard. But I was so nervous for him. He was so nervous. The two... Matty (Le Blanc) and Schwimmer, we were waiting off, off... What is it when we haven't entered yet..

David: Off stage.

Jennifer: Off stage, thank you! For his first entrance, and he kept saying "I'm gonna mess up my line, I'm gonna mess up my first line." And we were like "No, you're not gonna mess up your first line", and we went to the door and we all looked at each other and we were "He's gonna mess up his first line." And sure enough he did, but he had to, I think. He had to, to get that out. But it was... we were all nervous.

Matt: Yeah, but he didn't expect that... you know, he opened the door and he's standing there and everybody went ballistic that is was him standing there, so I think he kind of got thrown about it.

Jennifer: I don't think he expected that...

Oprah: Lisa? Tell us about your cast mates.

Lisa: Well, I mean, there is a running theme with all of them for me. They're all so trustworthy and dependable, which is a very big deal. But Matt, it's what everybody has said, is definitely... you embody trustworthy and dependable, and your heart is huge solid gold.

Matt: Wow!

Lisa: (?) (they kiss) And the talent I didn't mention either, because also you're now one of my favourite characters. (they kiss again and Lisa waves to the audience)

Matt: My wife's sitting around over there. (he also waves)

Lisa: Uhm, and I mean, we wouldn't be this group without David Schimmer doing his part in the very beginning, saying "The only way we're not going to resent each other after a negotiation, is if we all get the exact same thing and that was... oh... everything. Brilliant and everything, and he was right. And uhm, Courteney, there's no malice, there's no game. It's just the most honest, dependable, trustworthy person. And then also hilariously funny. Courteney is really an unique person. So... Never met anyone like her. Matthew Perry is, I mean, I know it's been said, you know, one of the funniest people, but, I don't know what I'm gonna do, not seeing you every single day and laughing. I mean, that's something I'm really gonna miss, 'cause I don't know of anyone who makes me laugh as much. And then Jennifer who is just one big throbbing heart... to me... That's supposed to sound good, not... (there's laughing) Because you're all emotion and feeling and support. She's right there with you. Even if you said "I accidentally killed someone." "Honey, it wasn't your fault. It couldn't have been your fault.", you know. Just that kind of loyal, unconditional support and love, is who you are to me. Just... yeah...

Jennifer: Thank you.

Lisa: And talented. She throws her scriptt away practically, like the minute she gets it, 'cause it's got to, you know, she's working from in here, and she gets it right. It's unbelievable to watch her work. Yeah.

Oprah: That's fantastic.

[Coming up clip:

Oprah's voice: Coming up, Courteney and Jennifer talk babies. And, a friend on the brink. Matthew Perry on his struggle with addiction, and his life or death decision.

Matthew: If I keep living my life this way, there isn't gonna be any life. ]


[We see some real-life photographs of the girls' and Matt's weddings and also relatives of the cast:

Oprah: In real life, four of the six friends have tied the knot. Lisa Kudrow was the first, marrying advertising executive Michael Stern. She was also the first off-screen mom. Their son Julian is five years old. Courteney Cox was next. She walked down the isle with actor David Arquette. Two years ago, Jennifer Aniston said "I do" to Brad Pitt, in a spectacular Malibu wedding. And the latest Friend to hear wedding bells was Matt Le Blanc, who married long time love Melissa McKnight in a romantic ceremony, high on top a Hawaiian cliff.]

Oprah: Okay, so let's talk about some of your life changes off camera. Okay? Matt, you recently married.

Matt: Yes.

Oprah: And you're expecting your first baby?

Matt: Yes, we are. Well, she has two from her first marriage. Kyle and Jaqueline, they're great.

Oprah: Uh-huh. And I hear you are great with them.

Matt: Uhm... I don't wanna answer that myself, but yes I am.

Jennifer: Amazing.

Oprah: (to Melissa who is in the audience) Is he? Is he great with them?

Melissa: Great!

Oprah: Yeah, great with them. Okay, and now... So what's it like to be ex-pect-ing?

Matt: It's exciting, yeah. It's great. It's uhm... a pregnant woman is a beautiful thing. (the audience and Jennifer say aaaaahhhh and applaud)

Oprah: Boy, you are gonna win a lot of points for that, Matt.

Matt: Oh, I'm in. I'm in!

Oprah: Everybody is like: "When is that Joey show coming on?" Well, everybody who knows Matthew went through a life crisis and really inspired a whole lot of people actually, when you revealed your addiction and you got a lot of help. I thought that that was really amazing that you had the courage to do that.

Matthew: Thank you.

Oprah: Yeah.

Matthew: Yeah. (the audience applauds)

Oprah: What saved you?

Matthew: Uhm, you know, it actually had very little to do with courage at first. It's really a... it's kind of a life or death... kind of situation. So what saved me was finally getting a bit of clarity in my life and realising that this was... this was it. If I keep living my life this way, there isn't gonna be any life. So you ultimately kind of... I guess the keyword is "surrender", and you realise that you need help, so you finally ask for it and you realise the "Matthew Perry Plan" sucks. So, you know...

Oprah: Was it hard to see a friend in trouble? For you guys? David?

David: Yeah...

Oprah: Watching a friend in trouble?

David: It was really... yeah... It was really hard.

Oprah: Yeah. And I think that I read that you said this Matthew, that you knew that even though there were other people trying to help save you that you had to hit your own personal bottom.

Matthew: Yeah, I mean, look... I mean, you've been able to see in the last half hour how wonderful all these guys are, you know, and these are the people that I work with, you know. Uhm, but it is... it really is for anybody out there struggling, you need to realise that it's time to do something about it, because you're so closed off to everything. So the most loving group of people who are saying every day, you know... We love you, can we help, doesn't really work until you realise you have to...

Oprah: Until you hit it yourself?

Matthew: Yeah.

Oprah: And is there a moment or are there a series of moments?

Matthew: For me there was a moment. There was a moment when you just kind of... It's kind of like God just... kind of opens a window, or shines a light on your situation for one split second.

Oprah: Can you tell us what that was, or is that too personal?

Matthew: Uh... The actual details of it are too personal, but it was, I mean, it hit me like a flash. It was like OH! Look what I've been doing for the last few years of my life, and now it's... That has to come first, before anything. So that's why I walked off a movie set and I stopped doing everything that...

Oprah: Leave to pull it together.

Matthew: Pull it together with help from people who are much smarter than me about this.

Oprah: 'Cause the Matthew Perry Plan sucked! Got that! Okay, so Jen... When this is all done, do you wanna go home and have babies?

Jennifer: Yes. Gonna do that.

Oprah: Will you do it immediately, so as soon as the show is...

Jennifer: I'll have them here in the dressing room... Waiting...

Oprah: Yeah, yeah... Do you think that the part of the whole Friends and the... everything that has happened in the past decade has, you know, sort of kept you from it?

Jennifer: It's just, you know, I think the opportunity just hasn't really presented itself. And it just uhm, I mean there is that weird little knocking, itching thing that starts to happen as you enter in your thirties.

Oprah: Are you itching?

Jennifer: I'm itching a little bit, yeah. Like I'll... I'll take a puppy that I see and just devour it. I mean, like any little thing, you know, even little Matty sometimes. (Matthew has a question mark on his face, they laugh) Yeah, I mean definitely. It's that time, it's the good chapter, you know, and the ending of this time period. And now on to the next chapter... It's good.

Oprah: Yeah. Same thing. Courteney, in a recent interview I read you talking about having children.

Courteney: Yes, I want to.

Oprah: You want to too?

Courteney: Yeah, desperately.

Oprah: You itching? You're feeling the itch?

Courteney: Yeah, I'm 39. I've been itching for quite a while, actually. But...

Matthew: Maybe "Little Matty" can help...

Jennifer: (very indistinct) Well, he looks like a child sometimes. (Matthew kisses her) Kind of like a child.

Oprah: (to Lisa) Everybody says you're an amazing mom.

Lisa: Really?

Oprah: What made... Yeah!

Lisa: Oh, good.

Oprah: I read that, I've heard that...

Lisa: Oh good.

Oprah: What makes you so amazing?

Lisa: Well I guess... I mean... (she laughs)

Oprah: Go ahead, don't be modest about it, go ahead.

Lisa: Uhm, well, for better or worse. I don't know. I know I'm obsessed with my child, and is he happy and am I doing okay?

Oprah: Well, that would make you having the intention to be a great mother all the time. So Matthew and David. What's it like to being the only single guys, really?

Matthew: Uh... Well, I'm not single. I have a beautiful girlfriend who's (looking at the audience) out there, somewhere. (he can't find her) But she's very camera shy, so she's probably hiding.

Oprah: (to David) I was so happy to see on the show that you had a black girlfriend. That was very nice. (we see a clip of Ross and Charlie kissing in Barbados) On the show... Yeah... That was good. That worked for me. That worked for me. Yeah...

David: We'll uh... Yeah, we'll talk.

[Coming up clip:

Oprah's voice: Still ahead...

Oprah: Is there anybody here who's just a little scared?

Oprah's voice: Stay tuned.]


Oprah: We're back with the cast of Friends. What is it that you really wish for each other when this is done? When this is all said and done? Court?

Courteney: I wish that the Joey Show's a huge hit... for Matt. And I wish for Lisa, she's got a lot going on right now, she's producing now and I think she's just gonna be amazing at it. So I hope that goes great. And her son Julian, I hope that just... She's just the greatest mom and I just hope that she enjoys every day as much as she's been enjoying the last five years of his life.

Lisa: Thanks!

Courteney: And Schwimmer, he's an amazing director. So I don't know if your aspirations are to continue direct, but I want you to. So I hope you get married one day, because you're gonna make a great husband. And Matthew, I hope that uhm... You've just grown so much and I'm so proud of him. He's so strong, and uhm, I just love him.

Matthew: Thanks Court.

Courteney: And Jennifer, I hope that she just is the happiest person in the world, because she deserves to be. And, so I just want her to be the most happy and have all of her personal dreams fulfilled.

Oprah: Can I ask you guys, is it... Is any part of this scary, because when something works so well for so long, and you've been so good at it, I mean, it's... for a lot of people difficult to stop doing something that really works well and that you've been so successful at... And it will be scary. Is there anybody here who's just a little scared?

Lisa: I was terrified.

Oprah: About the idea of it ending?

Lisa: Yes. But then I, you know, luckily embrace of what's going to happen and yeah...

Oprah: Of course you where.

Courteney: I've been scared over stupid things like, I mean, there were some great perks, GREAT perks, okay?

Oprah: Like?

Courteney: I mean, they're stupid, but I like being able to get into a restaurant. I don't know when that is going to end.

Matthew: You're still gonna be able to get into a restaurant. We've actually had this discussion...

Courteney: Yeah, but I don't believe you...

Oprah: You don't bel... You think like, the show's gonna be over and that people are gonna say: You can't come in here.

Courteney: Not, not quite that bad, but you know, I don't know, stupid stuff, like...

Matt: I get you...

Courteney: You do? (they laugh)

Oprah: Matt, it's your turn to talk about your cast mates.

Matt: Okay, uhm... Lisa is uhm... big old smartypants. And her laugh is incredibly infectious, and if she goes, everyone's gone.

Courteney: She's the best.

Matt: And she is a great mom, and her son Julian is a little angel. I love him. He's great. He's a cutie pie. And David is the consummate professional. He really is. And has the ability to really pull at your heartstrings while making you laugh your ass off. So he's really great. And Courteney, I just love. Uhm, she's so sweet, and so smart and generous and I think is... really found a funny voice for her character, you know.

Courteney: Thanks.

Matt: And Matthew Perry, is so razor sharp and smart and inventive and know right where the funny is. It's really great working with you. I've learned a lot.

Oprah: I love that. Knows right where the funny is...

Matt: He really does. I mean, like his character on TV, well, kind of when there is a sensitive moment, he'll make a joke, but really he's a all softy. He's a good guy. And Jen, There's one big giant heart. It's uhm, over the last couple of seasons, I've had the pleasure of really working close with Jen. You're so alive on stage and you really work from the heart, and are really sensitive and really ground the material and really have a great work ethic and really, just... dynamite. As a whole, I think from these five people here, I've really learned a lot about what I do for a living from them. It's really been an education, and uhm, thanks you guys!

[Coming up clip, we see clips from all seasons flip by:

Oprah's voice: For years, millions have copied their trendy style. Next, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox take us on a rare backstage tour, to the wardrobe department. We're looking in their closet.]


[The camera is flying over the Central Perk set, and we get some close-ups of the coffee machine and the blackboard on the street. Then we're back with Oprah on the Central Perk set, and only David and Lisa are there.]

Oprah: Okay, so here's the friends' favourite hangout. Eveybody knows this. You watch the show. This is Central Perk. Lisa and David, you're gonna show us around?

Lisa: Yeah. We're always here, okay? (points to the couch area)

Oprah: This is where you guys always...?

David: General area, yeah.

Lisa: We don't sit back there. (points to the tables behind the couch)

David: We do drink real coffee during the show. (camera moves, so we see the coffee table the way the cast sees it from the couch. And there's coffee in the cups.)

Oprah: Is that a real cake? (pointing to the cake on the counter)

David: This is real.

Oprah: Real cake?

David: It's real. We've got real food here and uhm...

Lisa: Well, but you need to check, 'cause it's real from a month ago...

Oprah: Okay.

[Clip from the show where Phoebe enters and sits down on her green chair.

Oprah's voice: Central Perk's comfy chairs and squishy sofa's are inviting. So much so, this set has been copied and immortalised by coffee houses around the world.]

Oprah: I saw this as a great, big coffee house. I mean, I have been on sets before, but... This is smaller than you thought, audience? (audience says yes) Yeah, a little smaller than you thought...

[time lapse, Oprah now walks to the set on the left of the Central Perk set.]

Oprah: Well now, we're going to Monica and Chandler's apartment where the whole gang spends a lot of time, so... Guys, hi...

Courteney: Hey!

Oprah: Show us around your pad. Oh, this is very nice, the cranberries. (there are dishes with cranberries on the coffee table)

Courteney: Monica has always something fancy on the table. I don't know where she gets it.

Matthew: Yeah, she handled all that.

[Clips of the apartment through the years:

Oprah's voice: For seasons, meticulous Monica's taste has been eclectic. Mixing modern, classic and corky. In person, you'll notice a lot more tchoskies.]

Matthew: I wanted to show you how romantic our bedroom is.

Oprah: Okay. Let's see.

Matthew: (walks into Chandler and Monica's bedroom) Follow here. See how beautiful?

Oprah: Oh, yeah... Hi (waving to audience) That's, that's the bedroom. (the bedroom isn't there. We see the back of the set, which is plain wood and there's a lot of props standing there. Also the room at this moment is only about four steps wide. It's fake)

Matthew: (as Chandler) We don't like to have sex unless three hundred people can watch us.

Oprah: Okay, okay, great. (walking back, and towards Courteney who is in front of the big window.) This is it. It's small but... cosy... it's functional.

Jennifer: (enters through the door from the hallway) Hi guys. We're gonna take you. We live across the hall.

Oprah: (to Matthew and Courteney) This is nice. Thank you. This is good.

(they are now in the hallway)

Jennifer: You wanna see what happens when everybody runs up the stairs? Coming up frantically?

Oprah: Uh-huh! (they walk to the staircase)

Jennifer: There's nothing there.

Oprah: There's nothing there?

Jennifer: There's nothing there. See?

Oprah: Oh this is where they keep running up the stairs and...

Jennifer: Yeah...

(we see Oprah running up the stairs, and there is only one step. The rest of the steps going down aren't there. Just the studio floor. The back wall again is just plain, unpainted wood.)

Oprah: There's nothing there.

(they enter Joey and Rachel's apartment)

Jennifer: Oh here's where Joey lives. And Rachel. Oh there's Joey. (Matt is standing there, looking up)

Matt: There's no ceiling.

Jennifer: There's no ceiling.

(Oprah looks up. We can see the big studio lights hanging there.)

Matt: Did you know that? This is where we live. Come on in. A little foosball, probably the most famous foosball table in the world, right there.

Oprah: Yeah, it's probably in the Smithsonian.

Matt: Yeah maybe, or at my house.

Oprah: At your house. (laughs) What do you think you guys are gonna take from the set? You think you actually end up taking some stuff?

Matt: Uh, Matthew Perry'll probably take that (the foosball table) I'll take this. (the barcalounger)

Oprah: You'll take the chair?

Jennifer: Are you seriously?

[we see a clip of Joey in the chair]

Oprah: Yeah, would you really?

Jennifer: Don't take that.

Matt: I'll probably get in trouble.

Oprah: (to Jennifer) What are you gonna take?

Jennifer: Leave that.

Oprah: Are you taking anything?

Jennifer: I'm gonna take... I wanna take a blanket that used to be on the couch that I wanna take.

[we see a clip of Rachel sitting on Monica's sofa with the blanket over her legs.]

Matt: Oh, you're gonna take that?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Matt: I already took it.

Jennifer: You did?

Oprah: Oh what's back there? There's your bathroom?

Matt: Don't go in there. Don't go. Shut the door. I didn't clean up.

Jennifer: (to camera) It's fake.

[We see clips of the cast in all kinds of clothes:

Oprah's voice: Over the years, Friends has been known for its trendsetting hip style.

Oprah: (pointing at a sticker on the door) Let me shop and no-one gets hurt.

Oprah's voice: We couldn't leave without checking out the wardrobe department.]

Courteney: Stand in front of this mirror and tell me you never looked better in your life. (there are a couple of big mirrors in a half circle)

Oprah: Oh yeah!

Courteney: Right?

Oprah: Ah yeah, I'm feeling myself here.

Courteney: This is the feel-good mirror, right here.

Oprah: Real good. Oh, let me look at my butt. (she turns around) Oh-wow-wow, very nice! Very good.

[time lapse]

Oprah: Do you get to decide at all, what you want to wear as the character?

Jennifer: Oh yeah.

Oprah: Does the character get to decide?

Jennifer: Yeah. The character definitely... I mean, they pull the most amazing clothes and you guys... it's just like you get to shop and to put clothes on. It's kind of fun.

Oprah: What is the little (?) bag over there? Oh my gosh, you've got all the stuff... O boy, this is a little Findy (? spelling?) thing over here, going on?

Oprah: Look at the men over there. Look at the guys. You guys have as much fun with the clothes stuff as the girls?

Matthew: Well, no.

Matt: The dresses don't fit us quite as good, no.

[Clip in Central Perk, where Monica says: Do you realise this is probably the last time we're all gonna be here in the coffee house?

Oprah's voice: The Friends say they've grown up on this set, and leaving the stage is like leaving home. They're even leaving a chef they lovingly call mom.]

Oprah: Is this Inger?

Jennifer: This is momma!

Oprah: Oh, my goodness, Inger.

Inger: Nice to meet you.

Oprah: Nice to meet you too. So you're the famous salad lady?

Inger: Well, I kind of shake it up a little bit.

Oprah: And so you just ask for whatever you want and Inger gives it to you, is that it?

Matthew: Well, hopefully you know, on a good day, yeah. She's the greatest.

Inger: OH! Thanks!

Oprah: What's your specialty today? What'd you make today, Inger?

Inger: I made eggs scrambled.

Matthew: Stop making up the accent, just talk like you were with the group.

[We see some clips flashing by.

Oprah's voice: ...watch tonight. We're counting down every Thursday on NBC until Friends says goodbye for good.]

Oprah: Will you watch the final episode together?

All: Yes.

Oprah: You will watch the final episode together.

Courteney: For sure.

Oprah: For sure.

Courteney: (to the others) I mean, I'm telling you now.

Oprah: Well, we will all be there in front of our TV's. We will all... America will be watching. Thank you so much.