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9가지 QR Code Data Type
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9가지 QR Code Data Type

Bar Code 보다 진화된 QR Code의 9가지 데이타 패턴을 소개 합니다.
머 인식 프로그램에 따라 틀리겠지만 대표적인 몇가지는 이제 표준으로 자리 잡있으니....

1. Contact information
QR codes can contain contact information so someone can easily scan a QR code, view your contact details, and add you on their phone. You can input your name, phone number, e-mail, address, website, memo, and more. I've commonly seen these used on business cards, for instance. You give someone a business card, they see a QR code on the back, scan it with their phone, and easily add your contact info to their phone

2. Calendar event
If you have an event you want to promote, you can create a QR code containing info for that event. QR codes containing event info can contain event title, start and end date/time, time zone, location, and description. This could work well on an event flyer or possibly even on a website promoting.

3. E-mail address
Nice and simply, eh? A QR code can contain your e-mail address so someone can scan the code, see your e-mail, and then open an e-mail on their phones. If your call to action is mostly to have someone e-mail you, this would be great.

4. Phone number
Maybe e-mail isn't immediate enough and you want someone to call. Link them up to a phone number.

5. Geo location
If you have an event you want to promote, you might want to stick a QR code linking someone to a Google Maps location. This will allow someone to scan your QR code and get directions so they don't have to manually type in an address. Although some may prefer to type it in, it doesn't hurt to give them another option.

6. SMS
QR codes can populate a text message with a number and message. You can have your QR code send you a text saying, "Tell me more about XYZ," for instance. This is great when paired with text message marketing. Using Duffled (not an affiliate), for $35/month, you can have a do-it-yourself text messaging platform to try out text message marketing

7. Text
You can also just have a sentence or a paragraph of text. This could be fun for having some type of QR code based game where you can leave hints in QR codes.

8. Wifi network
Do you hate telling someone a long WEP wireless key that's a pain to type out on a mobile phone? Set it up so someone can scan a QR code and automatically configure wifi on their phones.

9. URL
Don't think little of this 3-letter data type. This is where the possibilities become endless. You can use a link that takes someone to your Facebook fan page or Twitter profile. You can also link someone to a YouTube video. Or maybe you want someone to pay for something via PayPal

Did I mention all of these services have mobile-friendly versions of their website? That is, if you link someone to your Twitter page they'll be redirected to a version that's built specifically for their smartphone? Don't forget to make sure the link goes to a website that's optimized for mobile devices.

If you want to learn about different ways to use QR codes, check out one of our most popular blog posts: 27 Ways to Use QR Codes. Also make sure you're following our recommended best practices.

You can use our QR code generator to generate QR codes for any of the above data types.

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